Start Utilising Unused Space in Your Property

Around your property there are large expanses of space that are not utilised such as lofts, garages and barns. You can use these spaces to create large new bedrooms, offices, entertainment rooms and much more. If you want to make this happen why not contact the conversions service at LD Richardson Builder & Contractor?

You’ll get reliable builders who can create high quality loft conversions at an affordable price leaving you with valuable extra space to use as you please.

Garage Conversions

Modern garages nowadays are not large enough for cars to fit in and they become redundant spaces. You can change that with our garage conversions. You can make a new bedroom or maybe a bar to entertain friends and family.

Our Range of Conversions Includes:

• Loft conversions
• Attic conversions
• Garage conversions
• Barn conversions

Experianced With All Aspects of Barn Conversions

Barn conversions can add immense value to your property. You’ll end up with a beautiful modern property that retains its authentic rural character, giving you the best of both worlds.

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